Who’s Ella?

Bottari Ella 1928Ella was my (Noelle’s) grandmother, a phenomenal woman of warmth and grace, who along with my beloved parents and three older sisters, helped shape me into the person I am today. Nana always inspired me to be my best and to reach for my dreams. Even since her passing, her words still fill my ears and encourage me to go for it.

Nana’s home was the gathering place for extended family and friends. As a child, I recall spending almost every Sunday around her beautiful dining table sharing many, many laughs. My three sisters and I cherished the times with our Nana in her kitchen sorting lentil beans or baking a batch of Aunt Rose’s family-favorite lemon cookies.

It only seemed fitting to name the company after the woman who’s had such an impact on my life, not to mention her name rhymes perfectly with my favorite flavor. But also, she would have loved to decorate a fancy Ella Vanilla cake for a loved one’s birthday or to wow her friends at one of her fabulous dinner parties. That’s the kind of special lady she was.