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IMG_7055Noelle DeSantis, Owner and Founder of Ella Vanilla

Ella Vanilla is the perfect fusion of my life’s passions—art and cake. Having studied painting and art history in college and graduate school, I worked as a director of an art gallery in New York City for more than eleven years. I loved the art world, but after taking a few cake decorating classes, I really enjoyed working with my hands again, so I decided to make a career change. I picked up and moved to Chicago so I could study at The French Pastry School and learn from the best—Chefs Nicholas Lodge, Sebastien Canonne M.O.F., Jacquy Pfeiffer and Mark Seaman. After graduating, I returned to New York City where I worked for world-renowned cake designer Colette Peters of Colette’s Cakes, best known for her whimsical and artistic cakes for celebrities.

Over the years I’ve learned that the key to creating amazing cakes is knowing some tricks-of-the-trade and having the right tools and supplies on hand. So in 2012 I launched Ella Vanilla Cake Decorating Kits, a line of do-it-yourself cake decorating kits that include everything needed to decorate a fancy cake in one handy box delivered to your front door. It’s been so rewarding to see photo after photo of Ella Vanilla cakes that customers have made over the years. Not only do the cakes look great but, better yet, the look of pride on everyone’s face is simply priceless.

In 2015 I returned to my hometown roots in Philadelphia to open Ella Vanilla’s first retail cake decorating supply shop, where we offer all sorts of inspiring cake decorating supplies, tools and hands-on cake decorating classes. I’m excited for Ella Vanilla’s next phase and I hope that you will join our cake community either in person or via social media!

Here’s a few of my favorite creations…





Jennifer Roach, Executive Cake Designer at Cescaphe Event Group40-Philip-Gabriel-Photography

Originally from upstate New York, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology and later attended night school at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. I spent several years working as a pastry chef in Manhattan before working under world-renowned cake artist Colette Peters of Colette’s Cakes as the head decorator and bakery manager for over three years.

Currently I work for Cescaphe Event Group, a premier wedding company in Philadelphia, where I oversee a fantastic team of decorators, and together we create more than 600 wedding and specialty cakes each year, including the one shown in my photo- an upside-down chandelier cake that hung from the ceiling!

I am thrilled to have the good fortune to do what I love every day and I’m very excited to also be part of the Ella Vanilla team as well!  I look forward to sharing my professional knowledge, tricks and tips to help you discover your creative potential and produce beautiful, edible works of art.

Here are a few examples of some cakes I’ve made…

IMG_6354 IMG_6256 IMG_7414


Lara Kalin, Cake Artist IMG_8648

After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Art in Theatre design from Virginia Commonwealth University, I started my career as a scenic artist by painting for theatre productions and creating window displays. While working in New York City, my passion for cake and sugar led me to a creative assistant position at Magnolia Bakery, where I spent several years decorating their storefronts, designing cupcakes and teaching staff.  I realized then that I could combine my art background with my love of sweets and shift my career focus to include both, so I attended Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts in Canada to gain the tools and skills I needed to master pastry production. I now happily decorate custom cakes here in Philadelphia for Cescaphe Event Group and for my own brides and clients through my business LaraLada. 

Here are a few examples of some cakes that I’ve made…

IMG_4709  IMG_4864  cake



10703644_719571144763809_3895132876921879047_n-1Jenny Liebau, Cake Artist











oliveOlive, Mascot, Muse and Official Greeter

Anyone who visits our shop will likely be greeted by me, Olive. I started life on a farm in Kentucky where my human momma adopted me, brought me home and turned me into a city slicker. I was raised in New York City, lived in Chicago and now I am happy to call Philadelphia my home. But don’t let my urban savvy fool you, I am one super friendly and sassy French Bulldog. I enjoy lots of attention and naptime in a spot of sunshine. Although I’m not officially on the payroll, I will work for kibble, scratches behind the ears and lovin.