Cake Kits

Why should bakeries have all the fun? _RHP4399

Bring out your inner cake artist. Decorate a fancy, bakery-style cake from your own home with an Ella Vanilla cake decorating kit. Our kits guide you through exactly how to create an impressive cake with fondant or icing, so you can focus on the fun part—decorating!

Ella Vanilla kits are like cake-decorating lessons in a box. They come in a variety of ability levels from Fast & Easy, to more involved Icing Kits and Fondant Kits. Everyone will be amazed that you made it—even you!

How our DIY Cake Kits work

Select one of our many cake kit designs and you’ll receive a beautiful Ella Vanilla cake box filled with everything needed to decorate that cake. Our kits include step-by-step directions, disposable cake pans, food color, decorations, as well as a cake topper and any specialty tools needed. And of course our fondant kits come with fondant. No hunting and gathering is necessary. All that you need to supply are _RHP4437some common kitchen utensils, the icing and the cake. Use our video tutorials, recipe suggestions and helpful FAQs to make your cake look like a professional decorator created it.

Still not sure if you can make one? See how successful other first-timers were with one of our kits!

Ella Vanilla is here to help you have the best experience possible with our products. Hopefully any questions you have can be answered in the sections below. If not, feel free to contact us for support.


Planning Your Time

Cake decorating takes time so we suggest that you make and decorate your cake in stages over the course of a few days. read more


Ability Levels

Remember, cake decorating is an art form and end results will vary according to ability. read more


Template Downloads

Download, print them out and follow the directions included. read more