Ability Levels

Each of our kits have a designated Ability Level to help gauge which kits are best suited to your ability.  Please remember that cake decorating is an art form and end results will vary according to ability. Like any learned skill, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

Quick & Easy: Just as it sounds, these kits are a simple and fast way to decorate a fabulous cake. These kits are also perfect for kiddie cake artists with adult help.

Easy: Best for first-timers and young cake decorators. These cake designs include simple steps to decorate the cake.

Moderate: Ideal for first-timers or seasoned cake decorators. These cake designs include at least one technique that might be considered a little more challenging.

Advanced: Best for those who have decorated a cake or two before or first-timers who want a challenge. These cake designs either highlight the smoothness of the fondant-covered cake and have fewer decorations to hide any possible blemishes in the fondant or they may include an advanced technique that some may find difficult.