Planning Your Time

Cake decorating takes time so we suggest that you make and decorate your cake in stages over the course of a few days. Avoid decorating your cake a few hours before the event as time constraints may lead to stress and mishaps. Do like most professional cake decorators and plan working on your cake according to the time suggestions below.

Baking the cake:

1 to 2 hours.

Chilling cake layers in the refrigerator:

2 hours to 2 days before stacking the cake layers.

Coloring the fondant:

20 minutes per color. You can color your fondant several days in advance. Store each color in separate airtight plastic bags.

Stacking and covering the cake in fondant:

1 hour to level, ice, stack and cover your cake in fondant. You can decorate the fondant-covered cake right away or refrigerate up to 2 days before decorating UNLESS you need to make marks in the fondant. Any marks in the fondant need to be made on fresh, not dry fondant or it might crack. See Book II- Kit Decorating Directions to make any marks needed in the fondant before refrigerating.

Decorating the cake:

1 to 3 hours depending on the kit. Please refer to the Decorating Time listed online in the kit description or printed in the Book II directions.

You can decorate and refrigerate the cake up to 5 days before serving.