Deluxe Pre-Baked Gingerbread House Kit


DIY Gingerbread House Kit- get to the fun part faster!

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Get to the fun part faster with our DIY Gingerbread kit with everything you need to decorate this festive holiday scene. It’s a great activity to do with your family or friends!

Your kit includes:

  • Pre-baked gingerbread house pieces*
  • Royal icing mix** (1 lb)
  • Piping bags (2)
  • Display board
  • Peppermint tree and candies
  • Sugar pearls (red)
  • Piping gel tube (blue)
  • Edible snow mix (edible confetti and glitter)
  • Paintbrush
  • Edible decorations**
    • Santa face (1)
    • Trees (2)
    • Wreaths (2)
    • X-mass lights (24)
    • Snowman (2)
    • Polar bear (2)
    • Penguins (2)
    • Gingerbread kids (4)

You’ll also need:

  • Mixer to mix royal icing
  • Plastic container and lid

*Contains Wheat and Eggs
**Contains Egg Albumin
Please note that kit contents may differ slightly from photo, but will be just as awesome!


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