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Fondant is a sugar-dough that works just like clay… so you can make some very cool, edible decorations with it. The kit has all of Ella Vanilla’s favorite fondant tools and a pack of delicious-tasting fondant that you can color. It’s ok to play with your food sometimes!

You can color white fondant with Food Color Gel or add our ready-to-use Fondant 5 Pack of colors to your cart to get to the fun part faster.

Your kit includes: 

  • Free Shipping
  • White Fondant (Renshaw 8.8 oz)
  • 8 Piece Modeling Tool Set with 16 different heads
  • 9-Inch Fondant Rolling Pin- perfect for rolling small amounts of fondant
  • Fondant Cutter Wheel Set with 3 different cutter wheels (Straight, Ripple and Stitch Pattern)
  • Fondant Smoother (1)
  • Edible Piping Gel Glue Tube- to attach fondant and decorations
  • Sugar Puff Bag with Powdered Sugar- used to keep the fondant from sticking
  • Paintbrush- use to add a dab of water to attach flat fondant pieces to other flat fondant pieces







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